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Event nameWorld Speed Tour - GPS POS 2022
Start DateSaturday, January 1, 2022
End DateSunday, January 1, 2023
Event sponsorGrand Narbonne; Aude, Occitanie, La Palme, R-techsolution AB, CHS Windsolutions, Patrik , Chinook Leucate
Event scope/areaspot

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This is the GPS challenge organized by  World Speed Tour (club affiliated to FFVoile) of La Palme, Aude, Cote du Midi, Occitanie, France.

It's open to all the sailcrafts.

Ranking based on the best 500m in straight line.

Declare your GPS with photo before your record session.

Well accepted if you get the licence FFVoile through World Speed Tour.

WST card without FFvoile will cost 20 euros.

WST card with FFvoile will cost 75 euros.

It's not an obbligation for the GPS Challenge but it is recommended.

Please read and accept the  rules and the gentleman agreement.

The fastest 500m (in a category with at least 20 Saiilors) will have an entry fee at the World Record Attempt POS Nautical Mile 30 may - 28 june 2022 .

The fastest 2sec (in a category with at least 20 Sailors) in slingshot will have the free entry at POS WST Cup 2022 (2-3 consecutive days in the waiting period 1st Spetember 15th October 2022).

The fastest 2sec in straight line (in a category with at least 20 Sailors) will have a WST-POS vest.

Other prices as t-shirt, bags etc..will come for some special achievement!.

keep healty, go fast!!

Forever Speed!!


+33 6 40 83 93 00

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