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Start DateMonday, January 1, 2024
End DateWednesday, January 1, 2025
Event sponsorLocos por el Foil
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Event description and NOR


Event description and NOR (Notice of Race)


Wind foil speed sailing is for every windsurfer - no matter the spot, the gear or the age.Wind foil speed sailing is pure motivation, anyone using a foil can enter everywhere in South America, make sure you enter correctly to be able to win some of the cool prizes from our partners. The event will have the winners and rankings according to your postings on .


Date: The 2024 South American Foil Speed Challenge (SAFSC) will take place from the 01.01.24 till 31.10.24. You can upload as many sessions as you wish in the time period described previously.

Spots Location:  South America + USA (invited country).

There is no limitation for the nationality of the postings, the only limitation is that the postings have to be foil sailed in South American registered valid windsurf spots + invited country.  Just prepare your wind foil equipment, switch on your GPS, go to the water, and foil sail as fast as you can.


Categories will be as follows in the AVEREGE SPEED ranking:

• The WIND FOIL OPEN CATEGORY: The winners (3 places) in the foil open category ranking will be the overall winners and the 2024 SOUTH AMERICAN FOIL SPEED CHALLENGE CHAMPION.

Sub - Categories will be per AGE GROUPS as described in the prize section in the AVEREGE SPEED ranking. In all sub-categories there must be a minimum of three competitors in the ranking. If not so, the riders will only be ranked in the foil open category.

• WIND FOIL TOP SPEED special prize max. 2 sec: There will be a single special prize for the max. 2 sec. top speed record person in the challenge. The winner in the top speed ranking will hold the 2023 SOUTH AMERICAN FOIL SPEED RECORD.


1. All registered sailors MUST use a windsurf foil equipment in every uploaded track

2. No limitations on boards, foils or sails in every session.

3. Registration is simple: first register as a user of (GP3S).

4. Sign up for the Event: 2024 South American Foil Speed Challenge (SAFSC).

5. Join the events and battle with your friends at the spot and online.

6. By creating the account on gp3s, all participants agree to the terms and conditions of GP3S, including giving us the right to share and publish session data for the rankings of the 2024 South American Foil Speed Challenge and to receive information related to the event. By uploading your session on the platform, you enter in the ranking. SAFSC reserves the right of participation.



1. The 2024 SOUTH AMERICAN FOIL SPEED CHALLENGE will be based on current GPS-measuring standards and rules. Considering the AVERAGE SPEEDof 250 m.

2. Each session you want to publish needs to be uploaded to

3. Sessions shall be uploaded at the same day or not later than 01.11.2024.

4. All GPS tracks need to be available for verification by the event- organization at all times.

5. The results will be shown on, social media channels (Instagram, Facebook) including possible sharings.




• WIND FOIL OPEN CATEGORY - Overall winners in the AVEREGE SPEEDranking in the (1st, 2nd & 3rd places).

SUBCATEGORIES in the WIND FOIL OPEN CATEGORY (Minimum 3 members in each subcategory per age group to be valid).

• Youth (0-10)

• Junior (11-14)

• Junior Plus (15-18)

• Senior (19-35)

• Master (36-50)

• Grand Master (51-60)

• Super Master (61-70)

• Ultimate Master (71-99)


2024 SOUTH AMERICAN FOIL SPEED RECORD (the fastest person in the challenge).

• SPECIAL PRIZE for the wind foil top speed record in the MAX. 2 SECONDS (Only 1st place) in the foil open category.


GPS Equipment:

All GPS units approved & authorized by .



The event is organized by Windsurf Uruguay.



Don´t forget to subscribe for the event!

So, everybody starts to tune his gear because the three fastest of each category can win cool prizes. Every registered South American windsurf spot is valid.  Just switch on your GPS, go to the water, and sail as fast as you can for the 2024 South American Foil Speed Challenge.

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