Good news, we have deployed the major update for the login module yesterday evening without any big issues.


Besides the update for the login module we also have enhanced our event module. From now on it will be possible to post your sessions to multiple events at once ! When you have subscribed to an event, the new event module will determine to post your sessions to this specific event (or additional events) when all the requirements of the events are valid. So no need to add events to your sessions by hand anymore and no need to double / repost event sessions....


We think this will a big step forwards for supporting events in general, both local and global !

Hey gp3s Team, i want to create an event for a couple of users. Is it possible to manage event subsciption anyway for me as the admin?


kind regards

Yes, thats possible when you have a premium account, just drop us your login details at

Good Morning GP3SCrew,

i added the event:

But i can't delete any session as intended in "Edit in Event" for the event admin.

The session to be deleted is:
because Ant isn't a member in

Maybe i done something wrong. Maybe it's caused of "Private Modus" but thats the only modus where gp3s works with Chrome this time.

Thanks in advance


This bug already been reported -> , but please check GitHub first before reporting issues , this prevents reporting double issues...

GP3S Crew